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OnLine Power

OnLine Power
OnLine Power has positioned itself as a leading world-class designer and producer of power protection products. Since our beginnings in 1975,
we have grown to this position by offering our customers a wide selection of power protection equipment based on the technological innovation and on the reliability of our products.

The products we design and manufacture serve to protect all types of electronic equipment that need to stay functioning under varying adverse external power line conditions. These variations include voltage surges, sags, spikes, brownouts and blackouts. Our products serve industries whose critical equipment need continuous clean reliable power.
Industries such as medical, data processing, telecommunications, electronic publishing, factory automation, audio processing, broadcasting, and a host of others all need reliable power.

OnLine Power's uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction is reflected in the way we run our company.
We were the first in the power protection equipment business to obtain ISO9001 certification.
ISO 9000 is a multi-level, international standard with requirements that span the total set of operations of a company, from quality control to customer service. It demands that all products
and processes involved in designing, making, and supporting these products meet or exceed certain quality standards of design, manufacture, and service.

We could have rested on our laurels but OnLine Power decided
ISO 9001 but we needed to go further yet. To demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality, OnLine Power incorporated a Six-Sigma techniques program into our processes.
This combined with our
ISO 9001 certification status ensures the highest level of product quality.

Quality power products begin with quality engineering.
OnLine Power engineering excels in innovative product design.
By designing quality directly into our products, we ensure product performance over an extended life cycle.
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