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Rittal LCP+ Liquid Cooling Packages
The Versatile Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger for the Data Center

Available in open-loop, closed-loop and a versatile hybrid configuration, Rittal LCP+ units use high-efficiency fans and dissipate heat while providing cooling directly at the rack level.

The LCP+ is ideal for high-density data center environments, as well as the natural environment — effectively handling loads of up to 44 kW while reducing energy consumption by up to 45 percent. These units achieve maximum cooling economization and so-called "free cooling" by effectively utilizing higher temperature inlet water (59°F or warmer) than the industry norm.


#LCP+ EC — Inline open-loop configuration

Extremely high density loads are dissipated from the rack via the LCP air-to-water heat exchanger — capable of a maximum capacity of up to 44 kW when used with dense, high Delta T servers.


Equally important, the LCP Inline can achieve this level of cooling while using water at 59o F or warmer — providing an ability to provide significant savings in energy costs when compared to more conventional cooling options.


The LCP Inline configuration allows for a temperature neutral expansion of a data center. The system’s variable speed fans not only provide efficient energy use, they also offer variations based on dynamic server loading. With its perforated front and rear doors, the system’s Inline open-loop design makes it efficient with a pair or a row of cabinets and its high-efficiency heat exchanger provides even temperature distribution throughout the row. Hot air is drawn in from the room or hot aisle at the rear of the unit. Air is cooled and blown forward by six fans, exiting into the cold aisle where it is utilized by adjacent IT equipment. The Inline system can support multiple racks with a wide range of IT equipment loads.

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#LCP+ EC — closed loop configuration

Its closed-loop configuration removes heat coming off hardware components without moving it into the data center — eliminating hot spots and providing for optimal operation.


The complete system is scalable and designed to become a vital part of high-performance data centers as they are developed, expanded or modernized. Today’s energy-conscious designers and data center managers can apply this proven system to reduce cooling energy consumption — and cost — by as much as 30 to 45 percent.


Today’s higher density rack loads have increased the demand for efficient, consistent cooling. Unmanaged heat can lead to equipment failure, which means costly downtime.


Using higher water temperatures than are the norm makes it possible to take full advantage of free cooling and lowering energy costs. Its closed-loop design featuring both solid front and rear doors, maintains consistent airflow to eliminate hot spots while providing uniform cool air distribution throughout the IT load. The design maximizes heat transfer efficiencies and

eliminates the need for a hot aisle, providing dynamic control of the cooling process.

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#LCP+ EC — hybrid configuration

Blending the Rittal LCP Inline, open-loop design with the field-proven Rittal LCP+ closed-loop design creates a unique combination — the Rittal LCP Hybrid EC.


This hybrid development includes a perforated front door that allows cool air to flood the cool aisle and provide cooling to multiple enclosures, dissipating heat from whatever heat loads it may encounter, while rear door and walls are solid to force hot air directly into the heat exchanger.


The inline design of the LCP Hybrid EC is among the industry’s most efficient systems, capable of providing cooling to a maximum of 44 kW.


The ability for the LCP Hybrid EC to achieve maximum cooling efficiencies using water at 59o F, or warmer, is another competitive advantage — using warmer water can significantly reduce demand for energy within the cooling system.

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