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Rack Sentry Multi-Point Temperature Sensor

Rack Sentry Multi-Point Temperature Sensor
Rack Sentry Multi-Point Temperature Sensor The SensiNet Rack Sentry is a wireless temperature monitoring device and component of the SensiNet wireless sensor network. It reports highly accurate, real-time ambient level temperature measurements, without wires, and is FCC and CE-approved for license free operation worldwide. The Rack Sentry utilizes a solid-state sensor in a unique configuration for ultimate installation flexibility. Individual sensors are “daisy chained” using standard CAT5 patch cables. Up to eight sensors are supported as standard and these sensors can be added and/or reconfigured in the field. The system simply recognizes the attached sensors and reports temperature with virtually no user intervention. The Rack Sentry utilizes highly accurate, MEMS solid state sensors and a replaceable “C” size battery providing years of reliable operation.
Rack Sentry Multi-Point Temperature Sensor
Product Details
A custom designed housing provides attractive packaging with a unique wall mounting bracket and increased air flow allows the high performance embedded MEMS sensors to react even faster to changes in ambient conditions. The new design also provides a separate, enlarged battery compartment containing a “C” sized battery for dramatically extended operational life.

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