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  • Ultra AC (ITRSPULT) – Easy to install and designed for indoor/outdoor protection of major appliances and electronics, with LED status indication and a surge current rating of 70 kA.
  • Surge Cable (ITRSPCAB) – Modular mounting to AC protection units covers cable TV, satellite, and cable modems with a maximum surge current rating of 20 kA. Dual coaxial connections and dual isolated lines allow for added protection.
  • Surge Phone (ITRSPTEL) - 4 Pair Surge Protection, quick connection terminals, and modular mounting to AC protection units provide superior protection for phone, DSL, fax, and modem with a maximum surge current rating of 80 kA.
  • Weatherproof enclosures allow for installation in any outdoor environment.
  • A lifetime warranty and connected equipment warranties ensure that your products are always protected.
Residential Surge Protection Products (PDF, 68KB)
By installing an Eaton’s Innovative Technology TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Protector), you provide your home with the right protection against damaging power surges.

ITRSPTEL - Telephone Surge Protection - Instructions (PDF, 242KB)
Installation and operating guide for the ITRSPTEL telephone surge protection.

ITVSS Product Inspection and Maintenance - Guidelines (PDF, 65KB)
Inspection and maintenance guidelines for the Innovative Technology's line of protective devices including the Vanguard Family, Protector, Equalizer, and XT product families.

IT-RSS Models Surge Protective Devices - Submittal Spec Sheet (PDF, 233KB)
Submittal specifications for the Eaton Innovative Technology IT-RSS Models Surge Protective Devices.
  • Flushmount Kit
  • Second-Level Surge Strip Protectors
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