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Track Busway

Starline track busway – simplify your power distribution
The STARLINE® Track Busway system can be tapped at any location with a variety of plug-in units, eliminating panel boards, long runs of conduit and wire and expensive installation costs for dedicated power outlets. Dedicated circuit breakers located at the point of use make troubleshooting outages or reconfiguring supplies very easy.

The cost to install the STARLINE system is competitive with traditional power distribution systems. Where greater savings come in is when power needs to change. With an overhead bus system, there is no need to work on live panels or schedule outages to add, move or change outlets. Overhead bus systems eliminate the need to remove and scrap short or undersized cable whips and run new longer or larger ones. Therefore, the risk of unintended potential power outages is avoided. Racks can be installed or moved without disrupting operations. Any location in the data center can have the racks installed, moved, reconfigured or removed without affecting anything else in the space, and without risking an unplanned outage.

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