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Established in 2002, VYCON is a manufacturer of technologically advanced flywheel energy storage systems. VYCON uses patented technology in rotating machinery to provide equipment that is reliable, long lasting and essentially maintenance free.

VYCON’s mission is to deliver energy storage systems into applications where the need for energy storage has not been met by any existing technology…including other flywheels.

Specifically, VYCON serves the UPS industry by eliminating or supplementing lead acid batteries. The addition of a VYCON system also results in reduced peak power, lower fuel consumption, and energy savings in electric motors and diesel generators on shipyard cranes, rail power substations and wind power generation systems. VYCON’s products are ideal to meet the needs of the constantly changing power quality market, today and well into the future.

As a result, VYCON is uniquely well positioned to immediately fulfill its vision to re-examine, rethink and redefine how the world uses power.

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