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10 Ways to Increase Power System Availability in Data Centers

Strategies for ensuring clean, continuous power to essential IT systems Read the full paper.

Alternative data center power

A quantitative TCO comparison of 400V AC and 600V AC power systems Read the full paper.

Arc Flash Safety in 400V Data Centers

Strategies for protecting employees from underappreciated yet potentially deadly hazards Read the full paper.

Branch Circuit Protection for High Density 208V Power Solutions

Over the past two years the power consumption per server has increased an estimated 20-30%. To facilitate the increased power loads, power solutions that were typically rated at 1900 to 4900VA are now regularly rated at 4800 to 8600VA. Because of this, there are new certification requirements that must be employed to ensure the integrity of a mission critical facility. Read the full paper.

Build for today. Expand on demand.

Modularity in the data center power infrastructure Anderson Hungria, Application Engineer, Eaton Read the full paper.

Choosing a UPS Service Plan

This white paper examines the four primary options available for maintenance and service of UPS products, as well as outlines the differences and specific advantages among these alternatives. Read the full paper.

Considering the effects of UPS operation with leading power factor loads

Over the past five years, a new generation of data processing and communications equipment has become prevalent in modern data centers and network operations centers. These newer products provide beneficial increases in processing power and higher-density form factors, resulting in reduced operating costs, conservation of valuable facility space and enhanced capabilities for the enterprise. Read the full paper.

Data Center – Unique Characteristics and the Role of Medium voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Medium voltage circuit breakers with enhanced capabilities in concert with state-of-the-art protective/monitoring devices can help to simplify the task of providing power to the data centers and increase the value to the end customer. Read the full paper.

Distributing Power to Blade Servers

Ten steps to selecting the optimal power distribution design Read the full paper.

Electrical Equipment Floor Space

Selected NEC Code Requirements and New Options for the Electrical System Designer Read the full paper.

Emerging UPS Standby Power Sources

Four Promising Alternatives to the Lead Acid Battery Read the full paper.

Energy efficient transformers reduce data center utility costs

New legislation restricts the type of transformers you can buy, to more expensive models of new design. That’s actually good news for your power distribution system. Read the full paper.

High Power UPS Achieves Significant Size and Weight Reductions While Enhancing Performance

History of transformer-free UPS technology Read the full paper.

Increase Server Energy Efficiencies

High-Voltage Power Supplies and 208V UPSs Offer a Solution Read the full paper.

Increase the efficiency of power distribution in your high-density data center

As power density in modern data centers increases, more focus has been placed on improving efficiency in the power distribution infrastructure. Read the full paper.

Increasing Uptime and Efficiency with Switched PDUs

This paper provides a brief introduction to rack Switched PDUs and describes two under appreciated yet powerful ways to take advantage of their advanced functionality. Read the full paper.

Is an energy-wasting data center draining your bottom line?

New technology options and power distribution strategies can dramatically reduce the cost and carbon footprint of your data center Read the full paper.

Is power protection costing you more than it should?

A simple change in your power system can pay for itself many times over — and return thousands of dollars to your IT budget. Read the full paper.

Is power your weakest link in data center flexibility?

Key considerations for power systems in adaptive IT environments Read the full paper.

Is your data center ready for virtualization?

Important power considerations for virtualized IT environments Read the full paper.

Is your data center running out of power or cooling?

Seven ways to extend the value of what you have and optimize the plan for what you need Read the full paper.

Maximizing UPS Availability

A comparative assessment of UPS designs and deployment configurations for the high availability data center Read the full paper.

No Harmony in Harmonics

Common causes, implications and resolutions for problematic harmonic distortion in your electrical system Read the full paper.

Optimizing Power Distribution for High-Density Computing

Choosing the right power distribution units for today and preparing for the future Read the full paper.

Optimizing your Infrastructure for Cloud Computing

Best practices for managing a cloud IT environment Read the full paper.

Overcoming Eight Common Power Management Challenges

How intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions provide relief for some of today’s worst power-related headaches Read the full paper.

Parallel UPS configurations

Connecting multiple UPS modules for added capacity or redundancy Read the full paper.

Power Considerations for VoIP

Protecting critical voice communications in the converged enterprise network environment Read the full paper.

Power factor as it relates to UPS products

This white paper is designed to provide clarification about issues related to UPS power factor (pf). Read the full paper.

Power Monitoring 101

Supervisory, connectivity and protection options that add an umbrella of protection over your entire IT infrastructure Read the full paper.

Powering Through the Economy

Five strategies for protecting the environment and boosting your bottom line Read the full paper.

Powerware® eNotify Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Service Technical Briefing Paper

This briefing paper describes the technical details of the eNotify Service, allowing your I.T. and Facilities personnel to become acquainted with the architecture, process, and requirements of this capability. Read the full paper.

Redefining the economics of running the modern data center

Is your IT organization capitalizing on the latest technology options and best practices? Read the full paper.

Right-Sizing Your Power Infrastructure

How to optimize energy efficiency without impeding growth Read the full paper.

Static Auto Tie mean time between failure calculations

In a dual power path UPS and distribution system where there are single power cord loads (SPCL) as well as dual power cord loads (DPCL) the availability of protected power to the SPCLs can be greatly increased by the addition of a Powerware® Static Auto Tie (SAT) to the system which will allow the elimination of all the downstream static transfer switches (STS) that serve the SPCLs. Read the full paper.

Straight talk about Electrolytic Capacitors in your UPS

What they are, what they do, why they’re essential in your UPS— and the importance of proactive maintenance for these humble and often overlooked components Read the full paper.

Surge suppression takes the bite out of transients

Voltage transients are just one of those things you may not give a lot of thought to until they've done their worst. Taking preventive measures will put transients in their place and allow you to rest easier. Read the full paper.

Ten Ways to Protect Your IT Infrastructure

Reduce Costs while protecting critical business systems Read the full paper.

The ABCs of UPS Service

The 2007 Study of Root Causes of Load Losses compiled by Eaton revealed that customers without preventive maintenance visits were almost four times more likely to experience a UPS failure than those who complete the recommended two preventive maintenance visits per year. Read the full paper.

The Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Service Plan for your UPS

This white paper examines the various threats that can lead to a UPS failure and addresses the specific ways in which a preventive maintenance service plan can dramatically minimize those risks. Read the full paper.

The necessary convergence of IT and Facilities

Bringing the two groups together under one unified process Read the full paper.

The Vector Approach to Data Center Power Planning

How to avoid unplanned obsolescence in the power distribution infrastructure Read the full paper.

Unleashing Stranded Power and Cooling from New and Existing Data Centers

An affordable, five-step approach to addressing power and cooling shortages Read the full paper.

UPS Service Plans: How to Maximize Your Returns

By Art Mulligan, UPS Product Line Manager, Eaton Corporation Read the full paper.

What your IT equipment needs from a UPS

The top five requirements that define “quality power” in the eyes of the power supplies in your IT systems Read the full paper.

Which UPS is right for the job?

Considerations in choosing standby, line-interactive, double-conversion designs— and new high-efficiency, multi-mode capabilities—for your data center Read the full paper.

Who tripped the circuit?

The clear-cut case for branch circuit monitoring in data centers Read the full paper.